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Center Star is a new accessory concept for swimwear and clothing. We offer our patented, decorative jewelry medallions to accessorize an off-the-rack swimsuit or to create a new look. Wear them how you want and Start a Trend With Center Star!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to think outside the box and view swimwear in a new, exciting way; and to inspire self expression and creativity to every generation one medallion at a time.


Although Center Star came to me in a dream, it has evolved over time into new, innovative way to wear and view swimwear. Our jewelry medallions gives every generation a chance to express themselves wearing our new products. It is a quick, easy way to decorate your swimwear and wardrobe; NO LIMITS!!!

Repair or replace an old swimsuit clasp with one of our seamless interchangeable and detachable medallions to create a brand new look for your off-the-rack swimwear and clothing. Our enclosed medallion can be worn on any string bikini, top or dress. Clip your keys on the bottom hook while hanging out on the beach.

After researching many suppliers, methods, metals and stones to develop our beautiful jewelry medallions, we ensure top quality and wear to our customers. Center Star offers cutting-edge methods, precious metals and stones to create your own unique, customized upgrade as well. Our company is about making something old look new again and looking and feeling FANTASTIC in your own skin.

Who is 
Center Star?
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